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How to choose your marker


What will you use your marker for?


Ideal for writing and marking at home and in the office.


Designed for big, intensive marking jobs on tough surfaces


Great for marking specific materials, including CD's, whiteboards and ceramics.


Which tip suits your needs?

  • Precise, narrow tip for extreme control

  • Perfect for everyday use

  • Two tips in one marker

  • For bold clear expression

  • Industrial Size for large marking

Select the right marker

  • Permanent ink is not washable and is suitable for most surfaces, typical features include: - Permanent on surfaces including wood, metal, glass, plastic, leather, porcelain & more. - Quick drying ink - Fade & water resistant - Durable tip - Xylene & toluene free
  • Washable ink is not permanent and can be washed easily from most fabrics, typical features include: - Washable from most natural and man-made fabrics - Ideal for children - Low odour ink - Ideal for sketching or drawing - Long cap off life
  • Erasable ink can be wiped from specific surfaces, tupcial features include: Chalk Markers: - For use on chalk boards and non-porous surfaces(e.g. glass) - Can be removed with a damp cloth Drywipe Markers and Pens: - For use on whiteboards - Can be removed with a dry cloth

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