Christmas Stamps 2020
See all items Send cards and mail with a Christmas theme.
First Class Stamps
See all items Royal Mail First Class Stamps. Stamp Sheets and Postage Books available.
Second Class Stamps
See all items Royal Mail Second Class Stamps. Stamp Sheets and Postage Books available.
Fixed Price Stamps
See all items Royal Mail Make Up Value and International Stamps to ensure you have the correct postage.

Buy Postage Stamps - 1st Class and 2nd Class or Themed Stamps

Browse our great range of Royal Mail Stamps for use in your business or when sending mail at home including a selection of First Class Stamps, Second Class Stamps, Fixed Price Stamps and Themed Stamps.

If you are requiring stamps for posting letters or parcels, then we have First Class Stamps and Second Class Stamps available in an assortment of quantities.

How much is a First Class stamp?

The price of a First Class stamp varies depending on the size and weight of the item the sender wishes to post. A First Class stamp for a letter weighing up to and including 100g costs 76p, while for a large letter of the same weight, it is £1.15 First Class stamps for large letters of up to 250g are priced at £1.50. For a weight of 500g it costs £1.97 and £2.72 for large letters weighing up to 750g.

How much is a Second Class stamp?

A Second Class stamp for a standard letter weighing up to and including 100g costs 65p, while it is 88p for a large letter up to 100g. Up to 250g the stamp is priced at £1.32. The cost rises to £1.72 for large letters up to 500g and £2.33 for those weighing up to and including 750g.

Use our Fixed Price Stamps for Make Up Value when you need to reach the correct amount for postage and use our International Stamps when sending mail to countries outside the UK.

Make sure to browse our Themed Stamps and Collectibles too, as they make for some wonderful Birthday, Christmas or even everyday gifts for friends and family!

You can trust My Post Shop to provide you with the very best books of Royal Mail stamps and themed postage stamps at competitive prices.


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