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      • Stanley Retractable Knife - 0-10-088

      Stanley Retractable Knife - 0-10-088

      Stanley Retractable Knife - 0-10-088

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      Stanley Retractable Knife - 0-10-088
      0-10-088 369-6281 3253560100889 new,h-1000,cm-pad_resize/cffa98c3/61f7ebae423ec063b800029d/SB10088_01.jpg?product_name=Stanley-Knife-Retractable-(Extra-sharp-retractable-blade)-0-10-088.jpg Stanley Retractable Knife - 0-10-088
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      Stanley Retractable Knife - 0-10-088

      Stanley Rapid blade changing
      Antishock resistant ABS body both lightweight and extremely strong
      Fine adjustment allows 5 blade positions
      No tools required to change the blade for quicker blade change

      Manufacturers Code: 0-10-088
      EAN / Barcode Reference : 3253560100889

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