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      • Stanley 18mm Knife Snap-Off Blade - 0-10-151

      Stanley 18mm Knife Snap-Off Blade - 0-10-151

      Stanley 18mm Knife Snap-Off Blade - 0-10-151

      £2.94 Ex VAT
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      Stanley 18mm Knife Snap-Off Blade - 0-10-151
      0-10-151 613833 3253560101510 new,h-1000,cm-pad_resize/cffa98c3/61f7ebae423ec063b800029f/SB10151_01.jpg?product_name=Stanley-Knife-Snap-Off-Blade-18mm-0-10-151.jpg Stanley 18mm Knife Snap-Off Blade - 0-10-151
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      Stanley 18mm Knife Snap-Off Blade - 0-10-151

      Post Office Shop policy is to prohibit the sales of knives or tools to person under 18, by adding this products to your basket and proceeding to purchase you are confirming you are above the age of 18Stanley Knife Snap-OBlade 18mm 0-10-151

      This highly precise Stanley knife is perfect for easy cutting, with a snap off blade allowing you to keep your knife at its sharpest. The 18mm long handle contains an integral blade snapper, allowing you to easily replace the blade when it becomes dull, meaning that your blade is always working to its best. It also has a built-in storage area for the blunt blades for added safety.

      • Snappable blade for precision cutting
      • Impact resistant ABS plastic body
      • Blade can be snapped to ensure sharpness
      • An integral snapper allows you to break the blade with ease
      • 18mm blade
      • Blunt blade storage built into handle

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