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      • Linex 30cm Steel Ruler - LXESL30

      Linex 30cm Steel Ruler - LXESL30

      Linex 300mm Steel Ruler - LXESL30

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      Linex 30cm Steel Ruler - LXESL30
      LXESL30 362-4279 5701221493507 new,h-1000,cm-pad_resize/fd3e71e0/62067f38423ec03d45000260/LX49350_01.jpg?product_name=Linex-Heavy-Duty-Ruler-30cm-Stainless-Steel-LXESL30.jpg Linex 300mm Steel Ruler - LXESL30
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      Linex 300mm Steel Ruler - LXESL30

      The Linex Stainless Steel Heavy Duty Ruler is the perfect solution for making both metric and imperial measurements of up to 30cm.

      Made from stainless steel, the Linex Steel Ruler enables you to see exactly where your ruler is placed to accurately draw to scale as required in centimetres, millimetres or inches.

      This 30cm stainless steel ruler from Linex is ideal for any school or office doing large scale drawings, with a handy tough case to provide extra reinforcement for hanging when the ruler is not in use; you also get a conversion table on the back adding to the usability of this ruler in a variety of settings.

      This stainless steel ruler is heavy duty and very durable and can be relied upon, even in the event of it being dropped or trapped during the rigours of every day office or school use making it indispensible to meet all your measurement requirements.

      Here at My Post Shop we stock a huge array of Staples in all different shapes and sizes as well as a great collection of standard, heavy duty, colourful and even electronic staplers, all available at the click of a button for next day delivery.

      Key Points:

      • Colour: Steel
      • Ruler Length Metric: 30cm
      • Ruler Length Imperial: 24 inches
      • Type: Stainless Steel Ruler
      • Manufacturers OEM: LXESL100

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