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      • Rexel Silver/Blue Matador Stapler - 2100951

      Rexel Silver/Blue Matador Stapler - 2100951

      Rexel Half Strip Silver/Blue Stapler - 2100951

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      Rexel Silver/Blue Matador Stapler - 2100951
      2100951 139-8193 5028252133128 new,h-1000,cm-pad_resize/fe7252c1/5e21a0a749279179a60001dd/3e3b43a6/RX13312_01.jpg?product_name=Rexel-Matador-Half-Strip-Stapler-Blue/Silver-2100951.jpg Rexel Half Strip Silver/Blue Stapler - 2100951
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      Rexel Half Strip Silver/Blue Stapler - 2100951

      This Rexel Matador Stapler is a compact half strip stapler at an affordable price for stapling, pinning and tacking. Half strip, top loading stapler that is compatible with 26/6mm and 24/6mm staples. Small enough to neatly fit in to a desk drawer and a perfect addition to your home or office and you don’t have to worry about it breaking the bank.

      Everyday compact Rexel Matador stapler suitable for stapling up to 25 sheets of paper at any one time. With a 50mm throat depth, its high capacity magazine means less reloading.

      Rexel Matador Stapling styles; Staple, Pin and Tack.

      Here at My Post Shop we stock a huge array of Staples in all different shapes and sizes as well as a great collection of standard, heavy duty, colourful and even electronic staplers.

      Key Points:

      • Colour: Silver/Blue
      • Type: Half Strip
      • Pack Size: Single
      • Compatible Staples: No.56 (26/6mm) No.16 (24/6mm)
      • Manufacturer: Rexel
      • Manufacturers OEM: 2100951

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