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      • Basics Assorted Push Pins, Pack of 20 - 20371
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      Basics Assorted Push Pins, Pack of 20 - 20371

      20 x Push Pins in Assorted Colour - 20371

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      Basics Assorted Push Pins, Pack of 20 - 20371
      WS20371 5974940 5030037057888 new,h-1000,cm-pad_resize/092fa28d/5acfcd24584cb4270c8b40ae-readable?product_name=Push-Pins-Assorted-(Pack-of-20)-20471.jpg 20 x Push Pins in Assorted Colour - 20371
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      20 x Push Pins in Assorted Colour - 20371

      Here at the My Post Shop we think that these Basics Push Pins are essential for fastening work to vertical pin/cork/notice/drawing boards or indicating places on maps.

      This pack of Push Pins comes in assorted colours so that your notice board is bright and colourful at the same time as being organised and informative.

      You can also use the colours to colour-code e.g. you may put events up in yellow, health and safety in red and miscellaneous in blue. When using for marking locations on maps you may want to mark where you've been in one colour and where you want to go in another.

      You can also tie string from these pins due to their barrel shaped design which can be useful if you are hanging bunting or balloons.

      Are you struggling to put a picture up on your wall? These handy push pins can fasten light pictures to the wall by hooking the pin into the screw hole.

      These pins can be used either at home or in the office, however be very careful when they are in reach of children as they are very sharp.

      We sell a comprehensive range of Desktop Stationery Products such as Foldback Clips and Rubber Bands, the little things which make a big difference.

      My Post Shop is a one-stop destination for a broad selection of almost 7,000 products from many well known brands for the home and office so you can be sure to find everything you need.

      Key Points:

      • Quantity: 20
      • Colour: Assorted
      • Manufacturers OEM: 20371

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