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      • Finish 3kg Dishwasher Salt - 2172

      Finish 3kg Dishwasher Salt - 2172

      Finish Dishwasher Salt in a 3kg Pack - 2172

      £2.57 Ex VAT
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      Finish 3kg Dishwasher Salt - 2172
      N07875 165-2517 5011417569344 new,h-1000,cm-pad_resize/6d610878/5e25c61b49279154900001f3.jpg?product_name=Finish-Dishwasher-Salt-3kg-(For-domestic-and-professional-use)-HOFIN199.jpg Finish Dishwasher Salt in a 3kg Pack - 2172
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      Finish Dishwasher Salt in a 3kg Pack - 2172

      The Finish 3kg Dishwasher Salt is the perfect way to improve the performance of your detergent by improving the efficiency of your dishwasher. It effectively softens your water to protect your dishwasher while helping to prevent any unfortunate spots or watermarks on your glasses and dishes.

      That is because this 2172 salt is 99.99% pure and has been specially granulated for use in dishwashers, so you get the results every time. The 3kg pack ensures that you have plenty for all your needs in both domestic and professional use.

      Here at My Post Shop we have everything you need to meet all your cleaning requirements in a range of environments including the home or office in our Cleaning and Janitorial range. They are all affordable products and available with next working day delivery.

      Quick Facts: Finish 3kg Dishwasher Salt

      • Quantity: Single
      • Size: 3kg
      • Manufacturers product code: 2172

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