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      • Splenda Sweetener, 125g - A08026

      Splenda Sweetener, 125g - A08026

      Splenda Sweetener in a 125g Pack - A08026

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      Splenda Sweetener, 125g - A08026
      A08026 101-6027 7640107201608 new,h-1000,cm-pad_resize/5eee2043/61e6da91e7a21163cf00020f/BZ20160_01.jpg?product_name=Splenda-Sweetener-Granules-125g-Tub---A08026.jpg Splenda Sweetener in a 125g Pack - A08026
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      Splenda Sweetener in a 125g Pack - A08026

      With Splenda Sweetener you will be able to enjoy your hot drinks or baking as it still provides you with the great taste of sugar while being a fraction of the calories. Splenda can be used to sweeten hot drinks whether you are at work or in the office, allowing you to have healthier hot drinks.

      The A08026 sweetener can also be used as a sugar replacement in baking or cooking, helping to contribute towards a healthier diet and lifestyle. It is ideal for helping to reduce sugar intake and with 125g per pack, you can be assured that you will receive plenty.

      Here at the Post Office Shop we have a wide range of Catering products to meet all your needs in the office, all available at great prices and with next working day delivery, so why not take a look now?

      Quick Facts: Splenda Sweetener

      • Size: 125g
      • Quantity: Single
      • Manufacturers product code: A08026

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