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      • Star Trek Framed Stamp Set
      Royal Mail

      Star Trek Framed Stamp Set

      Royal Mail Star Trek Framed Stamp Set

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      Star Trek Framed Stamp Set
      N3241 1161465 5014721153032 new,h-1000,cm-pad_resize/038df472/5f983551de820f2c5b000288/POF15303_01.jpg?product_name=Star-Trek-Framed-Stamp-Set.jpg Royal Mail Star Trek Framed Stamp Set
      Royal Mail
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      Royal Mail Star Trek Framed Stamp Set

      Launching on US television in 1966, Star Trek took viewers on an incredible voyage to distant and incredible parts of the universe. Wonderfully crafted stories that brought new concepts, action and thrills combined with a diverse cast and a strong moral compass to deliver one of the most enduring tv and movie franchises of all time. This Star Trek Framed Stamp Set is just part of the range that celebrates more than five decades of space exploration, prime directives and first contact.

      This stellar Star Trek Framed Stamp Sheet includes all twelve first class stamps from the issue. Each is individually set and mounted within its own aperture within a black box frame above the official Star Trek logo. Ideal for any wall and an absolute must have collectible for fans of the series.

      The twelve special stamps mounted in this frame are:

      • 1st Class: James T Kirk
      • 1st Class: Jean-Luc Picard
      • 1st Class: Benjamin Sisko
      • 1st Class: Kathryn Janeway
      • 1st Class: Jonathan Archer
      • 1st Class: Gabriel Lorca
      • 1st Class: Spock
      • 1st Class: Deanna Troi
      • 1st Class: Julian Bashir
      • 1st Class: Malcolm Reed
      • 1st Class: Michael Burnham
      • 1st Class: Ash Tyler

      Are you are looking for more Star Trek themed collectibles? ideal for collectors or just to add a festive touch to your mailing at this festive time of year!

      Quick Facts: Star Trek Framed Stamp Set

      • Date of Issue: 13/11/2020
      • Brand:  Royal Mail
      • Dimensions:  43 x 27.5cm
      • Manufacturer’s Product Code: N3241
      • Includes fixtures for hanging
      • Handmade in the UK

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