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      • The Marvel Framed Generic Sheet - N3157
      Royal Mail

      The Marvel Framed Generic Sheet - N3157

      The Marvel Framed Generic Sheet - awesome heroes to grace your wall!

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      The Marvel Framed Generic Sheet - N3157
      N3157 1151212 5014721147687 new,h-1000,cm-pad_resize/165e1420/5c62c91a0329102b84000211.jpg?product_name=Marvel-UK-Framed-Generic-Sheet.jpg The Marvel Framed Generic Sheet - awesome heroes to grace your wall!
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      The Marvel Framed Generic Sheet - awesome heroes to grace your wall!

      From the moment the incredible Hulk. the amazing Spider-Man and the Fantastic Four burst from the cover of The Mighty World of Marvel #1 in 1972, Marvel's distinctive heroes have been at the forefront of UK comics. With legendary creators such as Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, Steve Ditko and the UK's very own Alan Davis at the helm, Marvel's captivating stories have thrilled generations of fans. This incredible Marvel Framed Generic Sheet N3157 forms just one part of the awesome issue that celebrates the vibrant, action filled Marvel Multiverse.

      Epic has arrived, Marvel has already taken over comics and the cinema - now it’s taking on the world of stamps! This mighty Marvel Framed Generic Sheet includes not only the ten distinctive and amazing super hero postage stamps from this incredible issue but also ten vibrant scenes each featuring one of the heroic icons. Set in a black box frame measuring 43cm x 29cm this framed collectors’ sheet is the perfect way to enjoy these amazing special stamps.  Set above a background of the Avengers tower reaching into the Manhattan sky this jaw dropping framed collectors sheet is ideal to grace any wall.

      The heroes appearing on the ten special 1st Class stamps and the scenes they are also show in are:

      • Spider-man - Wall crawler
      • Captain Marvel - Captain Marvel and Mar-Vell
      • Hulk - Hulk vs Hulkbuster
      • Doctor Strange - Eternity Lives
      • Captain Britain - Britain’s defender
      • Peggy Carter - Second World War hero
      • Iron Man - The Mark 1 suit
      • Union Jack - Baron Blood defeated
      • Black Panther - Black Panther vs Klaw
      • Thor - Clash of the gods

      Are you are looking for more Marvel themed collectibles?  Here on My Post Shopthere is a wide range available for purchase, perfect for any avid collectors or someone who wants to start their collection.

      Quick Facts: The Marvel Framed Generic Sheet

      • Date of Issue: 14/03/2019
      • Brand: Royal Mail
      • Dimensions: 43cm x 29cm
      • Manufacturer’s Product Code: N3157

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